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Volunteer Generation Initiatives

Through the support of the Volunteer Generation Fund (VGF) since 2010, the Massachusetts Service Alliance has successfully leveraged thousands of volunteers by supporting volunteer opportunities in Massachusetts. MSA is undertaking a comprehensive approach that will enhance and build upon past VGF efforts to build the capacity of organizations in the Commonwealth to more effectively engage volunteers. MSA supports the volunteer sector through:


  • Service Enterprise Initiative: a Service Enterprise is an organization that leverages volunteers and their skills to successfully deliver on the social mission of the organization. The Service Enterprise Initiative is a comprehensive package of evaluation, over 20 hours of training, individualized coaching and a nationally recognized certification.
  • National Days of Service grants (MLK Day and National Volunteer Week)
  • Youth Development Volunteer Initiative (grants to nonprofits to better engage volunteers in youth development programming)
  • MA Conference on Service & Volunteerism (next conference Spring 2019!)
  • Fall and Spring Trainings on effective volunteer management practices


With support of the VGF grant we anticipate 24,000 community volunteers will be managed and will serve 144,000 hours of service over the course of three years.




Service Enterprise

Learn more about the Service Enterprise Initiative, a holistic and customized change management approach to help organizations gain a greater return on volunteer investment and better achieve their mission.

Youth Development Volunteer Initiative

MSA awards grants to nonprofits and volunteer connector organizations to better engage volunteers in youth development programming by creating, or expanding and replicating promising models.


The Massachusetts Service Alliance is committed to increasing the number of people engaged in meaningful volunteer opportunities across Massachusetts that are both fulfilling for the volunteers and that meet critical needs in our communities.

National Days of Service

Service mini-grants are offered to organizations to support innovation in service and volunteer engagement. MSA invests in community-based organizations, preparing meaningful service projects for National Days of Service.