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MSA Becomes a Service Enterprise Hub

Benefits of Becoming a Service Enterprise

Becoming a Service Enterprise allows an organization to leverage the full value of volunteer time and talent and leads to more efficient engagement of volunteers. It leads to program growth and increased capacity and sustainability. It also offers specific financial incentives by increasing the ability of paid staff to focus their time and energy on roles and activities for which they are uniquely qualified and as a result will fundamentally grow an organization’s operational capabilities.


Nonprofits that successfully transform into a Service Enterprise will:


  • More effectively serve the community through increased organizational capacity
  • Improve networking opportunities (with people who are enthusiastic about an organization’s mission and value)
  • Realize operational and infrastructure efficiencies through the engagement of volunteers
  • Recognize opportunities to grow organizational revenues through leveraging the time and talent of paid staff and volunteers alike in new and creative ways


Fundamentally changing how an organization uses volunteers is a long-term goal and happens over a period of time. Organizational transformation and systemic change are never easy, and becoming a Service Enterprise requires significant time, resources and commitment to the process. However, the benefits of transforming into a Service Enterprise are significant.


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