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10 Characteristics of a Service Enterprise

Planning and Development
Develop strategies and infrastructure for mission-driven volunteer engagement

Leadership Support
Demonstrate executive commitment to volunteer engagement

Resource Allocation
Allocate sufficient resources (time, money, people, tools) to volunteer engagement

Tracking and Evaluation
Track the outputs and outcomes of volunteer contributions and monitor the quality of the volunteer experience

Conduct outreach and volunteer recruitment to sustain ongoing volunteer engagement

Effective Training
Train volunteers and staff on their respective roles and equip them to work with each other

Onboarding and Supervision
Match volunteers to appropriate positions, clarify their roles and orient and support them throughout their service tenure

Raise funds to support volunteer engagement

Technology and Communication
Implement supportive technology, invite dialogue with volunteers, and articulate volunteer contributions and impact

Partnering to Extend Reach
Cultivate a mutually beneficial relationship with the community to increase engagement and reach