The 2024 MA Conference on Volunteerism: Tips for Success to Take With You

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Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Hi there! I’m Jeanie, MSA’s Growth Marketing Intern, and I’m excited to share an amazing resource for folks who are attending (or looking to attend) our 2024 Massachusetts Conference on Volunteerism, happening on Tuesday, May 7th, at the DCU Center in Worcester.  

I had the opportunity to sit down with MSA’s Director of Training and Technical Assistance, Lisl Hacker, and talk about tips and tricks for how to make the best of your experience, whether you’re a first-time attendee or a seasoned conference enthusiast. Lisl, who has been with MSA for ten years, believes that service and volunteerism are keys to helping organizations build sustainable relationships across Massachusetts.

Read below to discover what advice Lisl had to share for those who plan to stop by!

Lisl Tip #1: Take advantage of knowledge that’s in the room.

There are plenty of opportunities for networking, and Lisl recommends that you take advantage of all of them. With a day full of wide-ranging workshops, The MA 2024 Conference on Volunteerism is a unique opportunity to connect with an assortment of like-minded, multi-talented professionals across the Commonwealth, from nonprofit directors and managers to national and state service members. So if you’ve been looking for the moment to expand your professional network, this is your chance!

Plus, by connecting with other passionate attendees of diverse roles and backgrounds, you could be exposing yourself to..

  • valuable insights
  • potential collaborations
  • future career opportunities

Oh, and if you’re thinking about talking with someone but nervous to strike up a chat, here’s a pro tip: take a look at this year’s Lighting Talk discussion topics for inspiration on potential conversation-starters!

Lisl Tip #2: Bring your business cards and best self, not a bag (and we’ll tell you why).

Unsure of what to bring to the conference? Lisl suggests going old school: a pen and paper for notes, and business cards to hand out to anyone you’ll meet. Taking it back to basics has the potential to make you stand out, especially if you leverage a personable approach to introducing yourself and getting to know other folks in attendance.

If you’re not into handwritten notes and physical cards, Lisl also advises you to come with lots of enthusiasm and eagerness to engage with others. As she mentioned above, one of the best ways to make the most of your time is by actively participating in networking sessions and discussions as much as possible.

BTW: Attendees can also expect to receive some awesome MA 2024 Conference swag (in which a very cool bag may or may not be included), courtesy of our generous sponsors.

Lisl Tip #3: Come ready to learn and ready to share!

The MA 2024 Conference on Volunteerism is a great opportunity to expand your knowledge around fostering inclusive, community-driven, and sustainable cultures within the volunteerism space.

This year’s theme of “Leading with Authenticity” is one of the best yet, and promises to offer all attendees – nonprofit executives and senior leaders or not – ideas to think about and take back with them to their organizations.

Get your tickets now!

With Lisl’s suggestions for success now in your hands, we hope that you can go forth, be great, and hopefully attend the MA 2024 Conference on Volunteerism! Limited quantities of tickets are available now, so grab them while you can.

For more information about the conference, please click here.

You can also follow Massachusetts Service Alliance on Instagram and LinkedIn to stay tuned into any upcoming updates regarding the conference and all-things MSA.

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