Youth Career Pathways Initiative

Polaroid from a YDVI program.

The  goal of the Youth Career Pathways Initiative (YCPI) is to strengthen and sustain the ability of organizations to support volunteer work that allow youth to develop meaningful and tangible work-related skills and/or explore a variety of work environments and career options.

MSA awards matching grants of up to $15,000 for organizations to create, expand, and replicate promising models.

Read the current RFP here. Watch the recorded info session here. Proposals for the 2023-2024 grant cycle are due November 6th, 2023.


Youth Development Volunteer Initiative FAQ

Nonprofits and Volunteer Connector Organizations (VCOs)* working on new and existing youth development programming are eligible to apply for a YDVI grant.

*Volunteer Connector Organizations include agencies that connect individuals with volunteer opportunities and support organizations in effectively using those volunteers to create meaningful change in local communities.

YCPI funds can be used for implementation of new programming, expansion* of existing programming, or replication of promising models that either:

  1. Engages volunteers to support underserved youth specifically with their career development and/or exploration. (Examples of this might include: Career Development focused mentoring programs for youth, Student Success or Post-Secondary Transition Coaches in an effort to improve college access and success in higher education, Specialized tutors/instructors to support students in specific career readiness skill building, Job readiness and job search assistance coaches/case managers for youth.)
  2. Engages youth as volunteers to both meet urgent community needs while simultaneously developing skills that will better their chances for future employment. (Examples of this might include: Service-Learning programs that combine learning and service which allow students to experience certain career options. Student internships with local nonprofits where they gain skills and experience through the service being provided, and Apprenticeship programs.)

*Program expansion may include new geographics area(s) not currently served by the program, engaging a new population of volunteers and/or youth, or building new partnerships with established organizations to deliver programming.

YCPI is currently funded by the Massachusetts Service Alliance's connection to AmeriCorps' Volunteer Generation Fund (VGF).

Contact Ian Whalen-Stone, MSA's Program Officer for Volunteer Initiatives, with any questions!

Our Past Initiatives: Youth Development Volunteer Initiative

Prior to our Youth Career Pathways Initiative, we offered a similar, broader grant of up to $10,000 to to strengthen organizations in youth development programming. View our 2022 and 2023 grantees below:

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