Youth Development Volunteer Initiative

Polaroid from a YDVI program.

The goal of the Youth Development Volunteer Initiative (YDVI) is to strengthen organizations in youth development programming.

MSA awards matching grants of up to $10,000 to provide capacity-building opportunities for organizations to better engage volunteers by creating, expanding, and replicating promising models.

Youth Development Volunteer Initiative FAQ

Nonprofits and Volunteer Connector Organizations (VCOs)* working on new and existing youth development programming are eligible to apply for a YDVI grant.

*Volunteer Connector Organizations include agencies that connect individuals with volunteer opportunities and support organizations in effectively using those volunteers to create meaningful change in local communities.

YDVI funds can be used for:

  • Implementation of new programming, expansion* of existing programming, or replication of promising models that either
  • Engaging volunteers of all ages to support underserved youth
  • Engaging underserved youth as volunteers to meet urgent community needs
  • Volunteer capacity building initiatives (such as training programs, database implementation, marketing campaigns etc.) that intend to engage significantly more underserved youth and/or volunteers.

YDVI is currently funded by the Massachusetts Service Alliance's connection to AmeriCorps' Volunteer Generation Fund (VGF).

Contact Chris Woods, MSA's Program Officer for Volunteer Initiatives, for more information!

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